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  • 2024/04/15

    Tianqi Lithium successfully issued its first short-term financing bonds in 2024

    In March 2024, Tianqi Lithium successfully registered RMB 6 billion of open market bonds, and today successfully issued the first issue of RMB 300 million of short-term financing bonds in 2024 at an interest rate of 2.35%, which is significantly lower than the market level, creating two corporate bond issuance records of the highest registered amount and the lo

  • 2024/04/11

    Tianqi Lithium successfully held its 2023 Annual Performance Presentation

    On April 9th, Tianqi Lithium convened its 2023 Annual Online Performance Presentation at its headquarters in Chengdu. Mr. Jiang Weiping, Chairman of Tianqi Lithium, Ms. Jiang Anqi, Vice Chairwoman, Mr. Xia Juncheng, Director and President, Mr. Zou Jun, Director, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Zhang

  • 2024/04/10

    Talison Lithium promotes the " Partnering for the Future " programme to support community development

    Recently, Talison Lithium Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Talison Lithium"), the Australian subsidiary of Tianqi Lithium, has launched the "Partnering for the Future" (Partnering for the Future) programme for 2024 jointly with the Bridgetown-Greenbushes Shire Government of Western Australia (hereinafter referred to as the "Local Government"), with

  • 2024/04/03

    Science Museum Adventure:Little Scientist in Search of Lithium

    Which is lighter, lithium or water?" "Why is lithium rarely seen in daily life?" "How does lithium stabilize emotions?" On March 29th, the Li Science Museum welcomed its first group of over 60 students who had made reservations, all eager to explore and marvel at the Li Science Museum.01 The Origin of Lithium and its Encounter with Humani

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