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  • Distinction

    We are committed to promoting industrial integration and upgrading on a global scale, shaping the new international image of Chinese companies and continuously creating unique values. As an individual of the Company, we should continuously improve our capabilities and create unique value.

  • Aspiration

    We expect our employees to aspire for excellence and efficiency in their work for the Company.

    We believe that the qualities our employees' bring to their work contribute to Tianqi's recognition and high standing within the community and industry.

    We understand that supporting our employees to be their best will contribute to excellent products and service to our customers.

  • Pragmatism

    Looking for the truth and being pragmatic is not only our cultural heritage, but it also depicts the basic working style of us in the Company.

  • Tenacity

    Hard work is the source of our achievements and the foundation for achieving long-term success in the industry. We are loyal to the industry, adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit, maintain a sense of crisis and persevere throughout difficult times.

  • Honesty

    We treat stakeholders, including investors, employees, customers, suppliers, government agencies and communities, with sincerity. We comprehensively consider the interests of all parties and strive to maintain good relations with all groups we partner and collaborate with, to maximize their interests.

  • Innovation

    We are committed to improving human life through the use of lithium and continues to contribute to the sustainable use of energy and the improvement of the ecological environment. Through continuous innovation, we lead industrial and global development.

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