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Talented people are vital to enterprises. As a people-oriented employer, Tianqi Lithium is devoted to the mutual development of the company and its talented workforce. The company welcomes with open arms talented people from different fields and various backgrounds and skills. From experienced industry elites to career-driven graduates, everyone can find a suitable career path at Tianqi Lithium.

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  • Wang Weina

    Director of ESG & Sustainability

    “I have worked for Tianqi Lithium for ten years. This big family not only offered me a job, but also made me become a responsible person. I am grateful for the exceptional workplace environment and huge support that Tianqi has provided me to further myself. It has been my great pleasure to witness the myriad milestone moments of Tianqi. Tianqi has created a big stage where we can all become directors, actors, fans and the audience at the same time. I wish Tianqi will overcome any future difficulties and embrace a brighter future with strong determination and endless creativity”.

  • Dr. Zou Wai

    Deputy Director of R&D Project

    The Department of Research and Development is one of the oldest sectors of Tianqi Lithium. In addition to maintaining the core business of Tianqi, our department also bears the responsibility of developing new technologies and products. In order to carry out this challenging job, we need to collate knowledge and skills from various fields. Thanks to the endeavors of our well-organized R&D team, more and more great projects have come into fruition. We believe that Tianqi’s technology will continue to develop and strengthen under such a virtuous cycle.

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