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Mr. Cui Zhiwei, Director of the Counsellor’s Office of Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government, met with the delegation of Tianqi Lithium
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Recently, Director Cui Zhiwei held talks with Xiong Wanyu, Senior Vice President of Tianqi Lithium at the government headquarters.

Photo: Director Cui Zhiwei (left) had a cordial conversation with Vice President Xiong Wanyu (right)

In their recent interaction, Director Cui extended a warm welcome to Xiong Wanyu and her accompanying delegation. He commended Tianqi Lithium as a world-class enterprise that has made remarkable strides in tapping into the international clean energy market. He expressed his sincere hope that the company would continue its steadfast progress in project implementation, uphold its social responsibilities, and contribute even more significantly to the high-quality development of Sichuan's economy and society. The Counsellor’s Office, leveraging its functional mandate and intellectual prowess, is dedicated to fostering enhanced communication and collaboration with Tianqi Lithium. This commitment seeks to provide intellectual insights and impactful support to Sichuan's pursuit of elevated openness and superior industrial growth. In response, Xiong Wanyu shared an insightful overview of the company's accomplishments in technological research and development, as well as its steadfast commitment to ESG practices. She reaffirmed Tianqi Lithium's dedication to deepening collaboration with government bodies, state-owned enterprises, and research institutions. The company aims to concentrate its efforts on propelling the growth of the new energy industry, advancing foreign trade, and modernizing agriculture, thus making contributions to Sichuan's comprehensive development. Present at the meeting were also Wang Shunyang, Deputy Director of the Counsellor’s Office, and relevant officials from the Department of Literature and History of the Counsellor’s Office.


This news piece has been reprinted from the official public account of the Literature and History Research Institute of the Counsellor’s Office of Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government, under the title 'Cui Zhiwei Meets with Xiong Wanyu, Vice President of Tianqi Lithium'.

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