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Tianqi Lithium Won the 2021 Snowball Annual Focal Value Award for Listed Companies
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The 2021 Snowball Investor Ecology Conference was held in Shanghai on December 3, 2021. Snowball revealed the 2021 Gold List at the conference, and Tianqi Lithium won the Annual Focal Value Award for Listed Companies. The award was selected from such dimensions as strength and popularity. The decision was made after nomination by Snowball users, self-recommendation by enterprises, and strength evaluation, etc.

Photo | Tianqi Lithium won the 2021 Annual Focal Value Award for Listed Companies

The winning of this award showed that both the capital market and investors have intense attention on and recognition of Tianqi Lithium. It reflected the market’s recognition of the company’s strength in terms of its forward-looking strategies, low-cost upstream resources with high quality, and continuous efforts to make itself more internationalized. Staying true to its original aspiration, Tianqi aims to be a global leader in the new energy materials industry with lithium at its core to create more value for its investors.

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