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Tianqi Lithium Won Annual Innovation Case Award at 2021 Southern Weekly Dreambuilders Public Welfare Conference
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The second Dreambuilders Public Welfare Conference organized by Southern Weekly was held via live streaming on November 25, 2021. Tianqi Lithium won the Annual Innovation Case Award at the conference with its volunteer project “Work Together for Lithium Dreams”.

Tianqi Lithium won Annual Innovation Case Award

Tianqi Lithium Volunteer Team was created on December 5 (the International Volunteer Day) in 2018. Supported by the special voluntary fund set up by the company and the trade union, the team carried out volunteer services on Tianqi’s global public welfare platform to help improve “the environment, education and community”. From 2018 to 2020, Tianqi launched 11 volunteer projects covering 23 volunteer services. Nearly 650 people participated in the activities with a total service time of more than 1,700 hours.

The team focusing on three themes: lithium dream class, biodiversity conservation, and community care and integration. Volunteers provided various services, such as sci-tech interactive classroom, environmental protection initiatives and community care activities.

·Lithium Dream Class

As a STEM volunteer service independently developed by Tianqi, “Lithium Dream Class” led children into the world of Lithium to explore scientific mysteries and enrich their knowledge through videos, stories, games, hand making, etc. It was a meaningful approach to cultivate rural children's scientific literacy. Additionally, based on the psychological development of pupils and middle school students, it integrated vivid and fun experiments, role play and visual courseware presentations into the courses to create a friendly and interactive atmosphere, and thus improved students' practical abilities, strengthened their expression and communication skills, and enhanced their self-confidence and team building abilities. Up to now, the class has made into six rural primary schools, benefiting more than 460 students.

·Water Maps

"Make Water Blue as Sky· Water Map" was a volunteer project jointly sponsored by domestic manufacturing bases of Tianqi. It aimed to protect biodiversity and advocate the concept of respecting nature and caring for living beings. After working with local NGO partners to observe the ecosystem changes within one kilometer from the company’s manufacturing bases, Tianqi Lithium Volunteer Team carried out volunteer activities involving alien invasive species, local rare animals and plants and waste sorting; by drawing Tianqi "water maps”, volunteers deepened employees' understanding of environmental protection and drove more partners to care for the environment and nature.


Volunteers from the company’s headquarters and manufacturing bases went to local nursing homes for many times and sent their love to the elderly through various activities. In addition, Tianqi Open Day was carried out for multiple times. On this day, community residents were invited to Tianqi’s manufacturing bases to learn about its operations and commitments to environmental protection. In doing so we aspire to stay in harmony with the communities.

Tianqi will continue to participate in public welfare undertakings in environment, education and community and carry out volunteer services to fulfill its social responsibilities.

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