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Walk into My "Lithium" Heart, Jointly Build a Better Home | Tianqi Lithium (Shehong) Co., Ltd. Public Open Day
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On the morning of April 30th, Tianqi Lithium (Shehong) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianqi Shehong") successfully held a public open day event titled "Walk into My 'Lithium' Heart, Jointly Build a Better Home". The event invited over 30 resident representatives from Taikong Community, the area where Tianqi Shehong operates, to participate. Through plant visits and interactive exchanges, the resident representatives gained a deeper understanding of Tianqi Lithium's sustainable development concepts and related practices in environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects.

First, the residents watched a promotional video of Tianqi Lithium, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the company's 30-year development journey. Then, inside the exhibition hall, volunteers presented specific practices and achievements in environmental protection, social welfare, and corporate governance using vivid cases, allowing the resident representatives to gain a deeper understanding of the company's sustainable development principle that "economic interests should never be placed above the environment, health, and safety."

Afterward, the resident representatives visited the operation control center of the factory. The advanced automated production lines and production management system showcased Tianqi Lithium's digital and refined management capabilities from multiple dimensions. To promote the concept of green and ecological sustainable development, Tianqi volunteers and community residents worked together to create a series of "green forests" filled with artistic concepts using recycled plastic bottles, stones, sand, aquatic plants, and other natural items.

"Through today's visit, we have gained a new understanding of the lithium battery industry. Tianqi Lithium is a company with a strong sense of social responsibility. We are proud to have such an enterprise adhering to the concept of green and sustainable development in our locality," said one resident. Other visiting residents also praised Tianqi Shehong's base as a green garden factory and expressed their continued support for Tianqi Lithium, looking forward to the next open day event.

As a lithium-focused new energy material enterprise, Tianqi Lithium has been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the global new energy industry and achieving harmony between the company, the economy, society, and the environment. This open day event further strengthened the company's interaction with the local community, allowing the community to gain a deeper understanding of the company's sustainable development concepts and related practices. In the future, the company will continue to uphold the concept of green and sustainable development, actively assume social responsibilities, contribute support to surrounding communities using its own resources, and jointly promote development with the community.

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