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World Earth Day | Tianqi Lithium’s Second Greenway Public Welfare “Bike” Adventure: We Are Taking Action in the Global Battle Against Plastics!
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Tianqi Lithium Co., Ltd., as a new energy material enterprise focused on lithium, has always adhered to the business credo of “economic interests must never overshadow safety and environmental protection.” On the 55th World Earth Day, the company actively responded to the theme of the 2024 World Earth Day, “Planet vs. Plastics”, by inviting over 200 cyclists, including green lifestyle advocates and cycling enthusiasts from government organizations, the business community, public welfare institutions, community residents, and campus teachers and students, to participate in the second edition of the “Lithium and the Earth” Greenway Public Welfare Cycling Event. The event aimed to spread the environmental protection concepts of “global battle against plastics” and “low-carbon travel” among participants, calling on everyone to jointly protect the planet.


The World Earth Day

Reducing Carbon Through Cycling

On April 20th, with the spring breeze blowing and a fine drizzle falling, everyone embarked on a 28-kilometer low-carbon cycling journey along the lush Chengdu Tianfu Greenway, starting from the scenic Jincheng Lake. The cyclists aimed to advocate for a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection concept of green travel by reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the global battle against plastics.

Xia Juncheng, director and president of Tianqi Lithium, delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and urging everyone to actively participate in actions to reduce carbon and plastic usage. With a gunshot from Mr. Xia, the cyclists, like arrows leaving the bow, dashed through the starting line and began their green “bike” adventure.

During the ride, everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way while feeling the refreshing breeze on their faces. Laughter and chatter filled the air, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. Although it started to rain later on, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the cyclists.

According to the “Shared Biking Report on Reducing Pollution and Carbon Emissions” released by the Ecological Environment Development Center of China in 2022, cycling reduces carbon emissions by 48.7 grams per kilometer.

Through calculations, a single cyclist can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 7.57 kilograms over the entire route. The first cyclist to cross the finish line said, “I am a veteran cycling enthusiast. Whenever conditions allow, I usually choose to travel by bicycle. Cycling not only exercises my body but also contributes to reducing pollution and carbon emissions, better supporting carbon neutrality.”

To respond to the call of World Earth Day, a “global battle against plastics” pledge session was held at the event site. After reaching the finish line, cyclists came forward one after another to sign their names on the “global battle against plastics” pledge, committing to reducing plastic usage in their daily lives and working together to achieve a plastic-free or reduced-plastic lifestyle for the future of the planet.

Why fight against plastics?

According to research by the United Nations Environment Programme, over 14 million metric tons of plastic enter and disrupt aquatic ecosystems each year. Meanwhile, humans produce approximately 460 million metric tons of plastic annually, and if urgent action is not taken, this figure could double by 2060. These figures illustrate the serious problems caused by plastic pollution, which threaten the environment, human health, and the economy. Marine ecosystems are being polluted, leading to threats to marine life and even the potential for complete destruction. Additionally, plastic pollution poses hazards to human health, such as the cumulative effects of microplastic particles found in drinking water, which may ultimately have long-term impacts on human health.


The World Earth Day

Taking Action in the Battle Against Plastics

At the event site, organizers collected all the plastic waste generated during the ride, such as mineral water bottles, and invited cyclists to participate in making unique environmental medals. This not only added fun to the activity but also promoted another important aspect of the “global battle against plastics”—that is, reducing plastic pollution through plastic recycling and reuse.

After completing the environmental medal made from plastic, some cyclists couldn’t help but express their amazement at how the public welfare cycling event truly embodied the environmental protection concept of “low carbon and reduced plastic usage.” “From choosing a green and low-carbon mode of transportation like cycling to using zero-plastic and biodegradable environmentally friendly materials at the event site, it all reflects the company’s deep understanding of the concept of global green and low-carbon energy transformation and its firm commitment to harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, as well as between humans and the planet. I feel very honored to be a part of it and contribute my humble efforts to the future of our planet.”

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