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Tianqi Lithium Wins the Title of "2023 Top 10 Leading Enterprises in Sichuan"
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Shanghai SteelHome: Shanghai SteelHome E-commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai SteelHome Information Platform, together with a business delegation composed of representative enterprises in the new energy lithium battery industry and spot and futures traders, visited Tianqi Lithium Industries, Inc. on April 23 to embark on a business inspection tour of upstream and downstream enterprises of lithium carbonate under the theme of "Lithium on the Road". The relevant department heads of Tianqi Lithium Industries warmly received the delegation and accompanied the visitors to visit the Li Science Museum.

At the Li Science Museum, the delegation had a detailed understanding of the origin and application of lithium, the cutting-edge application of lithium compounds and metallic lithium in the new energy field, as well as the company's lithium resource development layout, lithium product innovation and research and development, and the concept and practical achievements of "low-carbon" and "sustainable" development.

The delegation and Tianqi Lithium Industries conducted in-depth discussions on industry development trends, recent market conditions and other related issues. Both sides agreed that with the rapid development of China's lithium battery industry, the market size has exceeded one trillion yuan. As a key raw material, the price fluctuations of lithium carbonate have a profound impact on upstream and downstream industries. Based on this, both sides expressed their willingness to explore cooperation opportunities and jointly promote the sustainable prosperity and development of the lithium industry.

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