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Tianqi Lithium's director and president, HA Frank Chun Shing, visited the Anju factory to inspect the work.
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Recently, the director and president of Tianqi Lithium, HA Frank Chun Shing, visited the Suining Tianqi Lithium Co., Ltd. (Suining Tianqi or Anju project) to inspect the work, gaining a detailed understanding of production operations and work plans. Accompanied by deputy general managers Fan Haijiang and Jiang Hucheng, they reported on the project.

Since the formal completion of the Suining Anju area's 20,000-ton lithium carbonate factory project in October of last year, after repeated debugging and optimization, the first bag of battery-grade lithium carbonate products passed internal laboratory sampling checks. In December, it was confirmed that all parameters met the standards for battery-grade lithium carbonate.

HA Frank Chun Shing emphasized that the end of the year and the beginning of the year are periods with a high risk of safety production accidents. He hopes that all staff at the Anju project will resolutely implement the safety production responsibility system, strictly follow operating procedures, and ensure further release of production capacity under the premise of safety production.

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