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Tianqi Shenghe's Special Feature on the 2024 'Strive in Cuola | Build Dreams of Lithium' New Year Celebration
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Recently, Sichuan-based Tianqi Shenghe Lithium Industry held a New Year celebration with the theme "Strive in Cuola | Build Dreams of Lithium." Guo Wei, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chairman、General Manager of Tianqi Shenghe, along with Zou Jun, Director and Executive Vice President of Tianqi Lithium Industry, and other department leaders, gathered to welcome the New Year through a diverse range of activities.

Guo Wei, in his capacity as Executive Vice President of Tianqi Lithium Industry, Chief Operating Officer, and Chairman/General Manager of Tianqi Shenghe, delivered a thematic summary report. He acknowledged specific achievements in project technology, comprehensive management, and corporate culture. Guo Wei emphasized the need to continually drive team development, maintain a commitment to social responsibility, and encouraged all team members to approach the future with a spirit of unity, pragmatism, science, and hard work. He expressed sincere hopes for the project to progress further in 2024, contributing to both Tianqi's growth and societal well-being.

Dumpling-Making for the Spring Festival:

Employees engaged in lively dumpling-making activities, shaping them into ingots, crescent moons, and wheat ears. Laughter filled the air as they wished for a prosperous year ahead.

Offering Hada for Blessings:

In adherence to traditional Tibetan culture, the team blended Tibetan and Han members, offering auspicious Hada to convey good wishes.

Recognition Segment:

During the recognition segment, leaders including Guo Wei, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Tianqi Lithium Industry, and Chairman/General Manager of Tianqi Shenghe, along with Zou Jun, Director and Executive Vice President of Tianqi Lithium Industry, awarded outstanding employees with certificates and medals. This gesture conveyed exemplary strength, inspiring all employees to move forward.

Tibetan Dance Welcoming the Spring Festival:

In the Tibetan dance performance welcoming the Spring Festival, Zuo Ma showcased the unique cultural charm of the Tibetan ethnic group through song and dance. Company leaders and colleagues enthusiastically took the stage, joining together in lively song, fostering a sense of closeness. The lottery segment heightened the atmosphere, filled with continuous surprises, bringing joy and laughter.

Visit and Blessings to the Mining Area:

In the challenging mining area, the leadership experienced the extraction of drinking water from artificial ice wells and expressed gratitude for the hard work of the mining area staff. In the new year, employees eagerly anticipate harvesting the "fruit of lithium," aiming to root in the snowy plateau, cultivate the dream of the lithium industry, and strive to accelerate and improve project construction.

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