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On November 21, the Li Science Museum welcomed a delegation from the Western Australian Museum, led by CEO Alec Coles. Jiang Weiping, founder and chairman of Tianqi Lithium, extended a warm welcome to the Western Australian Museum delegation. Both parties exchanged views on the future development of the Li Science Museum, opportunities for collaboration between the two museums, and cultural exchanges between China and Australia. Leaders such as Coralie Bishop, CEO of the Western Australian Museum Foundation, Jason Fair, Project Director of the Western Australian Museum, Xiong Wanyu, Senior Vice President of Tianqi Lithium, and Raj, President of Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia, participated in the discussion.

Alec Coles, President of the Western Australian Museum, expressed after the visit that the Tianqi team efficiently brought the ingenuity and design of the Li Science Museum to life, which is truly incredible!

Chairman Jiang Weiping stated that he hopes the two museums will strengthen exchanges and explore collaboration opportunities based on their respective strengths. Together, they aim to narrate the history and stories of science to the world, continuously promoting the sustainable development concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.


The Western Australian Museum, located in the center of Perth, Australia, was established in 1891 as the Geological Museum. After evolution and resource integration, it officially became the Western Australian Museum and Art Gallery in 1897. The museum currently showcases exhibits related to natural science, anthropology, archaeology, and the history of Western Australia. In addition to displaying a large number of geological fossils and Indigenous art and crafts, it also houses various European antique cars.

The Unforgettable Connection between WA and Tianqi:

In October 2017, Tianqi Lithium and the Western Australian Boola Bardip Museum signed a cooperation agreement, obtaining naming rights for the exhibition hall, naming it the "Tianqi Lithium Connection Exhibition Hall."

The exhibition hall features distinctive objects, images, and cultural history of Western Australia, demonstrating how the region has shaped history and influenced the future in various ways. The thematic content of the exhibition hall closely aligns with Tianqi's business and cultural philosophy, attracting visitors from various backgrounds.

The meeting between the Li Science Museum and the Western Australian Museum is a moment of cultural convergence and exchange, echoing the International Council of Museums' advocacy that museums should not only be projectors of old heritage but also generators of new culture.

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