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Your Birds Can Sing
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Recently, Tianqi Lithium (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. initiated a voluntary activity themed "My Ideal Environment," which brought together nearly 60 Tianqi volunteers and their family members for an on-site bird-watching excursion at Zhangjiagang Mirror Lake Park.

The optimal time for bird-watching is in the morning, beginning with sunrise when early birds emerge to forage, sing, and flutter their wings. Before nine o'clock, volunteers gathered at the entrance of Zhangjiagang Mirror Lake Park. After a brief grouping, the volunteer staff began sharing ornithological knowledge and instructing participants on using bird-watching equipment.

"As you embark on a systematic study of bird-watching, the term 'bird' ceases to be generic. Instead, they become bulbuls, grey starlings, black-headed grebes, goldfinches, black-tailed waxbills, brown-headed crow sparrows, and more," the volunteer staff on-site explained.

The young volunteers, fascinated by the flying flock, eagerly used their binoculars to delve deeper.

In autumn, Zhangjiagang Mirror Lake Park is adorned with vibrant foliage, and its blue waters ripple gracefully. With the rising tide, small creatures like fish, shrimp, and sea snails emerge from the mud pits, attracting numerous migratory birds. The park has truly become an excellent bird-watching destination.

Often, birds remain elusive, concealed within the swaying tree canopies and among the grass. One young volunteer shared her experience, saying, "I couldn't see the birds; they flew so fast. I only heard chirping, as if they were singing."

After the bird-watching session, volunteers showcased their observations and learning through art.

Organized by Tianqi Lithium (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., the 'Ideal Harbour City - Autumn Bird Watching Theme Volunteer Service' aims to systematically learn about bird-loving and bird-protecting, integrating the principles of ecological and biodiversity preservation into daily life.

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