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Suining Tianqi Lithium Completes Commissioning of 20,000-Ton Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate Plant
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On the afternoon of December 21st, Suining Tianqi Lithium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suining Tianqi or Anju Project) held a "Celebration Ceremony for the First Qualified Battery-Grade Lithium Carbonate Product." Guo Wei, Executive Vice President of Tianqi Lithium Corporation Limited, Fan Yonglan, Acting General Manager of Tianqi Lithium (Shehong) Co., Ltd., Fan Haijiang, Deputy General Manager of Suining Tianqi Lithium Co., Ltd., as well as leaders, Anju Base project team and all employees of Suining Tianqi attended the ceremony.

Since the formal completion of the Anju Project, a 20,000-ton battery-grade lithium carbonate plant, on October 26th, in less than two months, after repeated debugging and optimization, the first bag of battery-grade lithium carbonate product passed internal laboratory sampling checks. On December 21st, it was confirmed that all parameters met the standards for battery-grade lithium carbonate. The inaugural product embodies the leading technological level in the global lithium industry and the superb skills of Tianqi employees.

Guo Wei, Executive Vice President of Tianqi Lithium, emphasized that the successful completion of the Anju Project, as Tianqi Lithium's first self-built battery-grade lithium carbonate plant, is the result of the dedicated efforts of the employees. He hopes that the employees of Suining Tianqi will continue to work hard in safety, quality, production volume, and other aspects, striving for even better results.

In the future, Tianqi Lithium will continue to leverage its strengths, implement safety production requirements, practice environmental protection principles, drive technological innovation, focus on industry cooperation, and advance ESG and sustainable development. This will ensure the continuous and stable operation of the Anju Project, injecting new momentum into the global lithium industry's development.

About Tianqi Lithium's Anju Project:

The Anju Project is Tianqi Lithium's first self-built global battery-grade lithium carbonate plant after more than 30 years of deep cultivation in the lithium industry.

From the initial planning and design, the Anju Project adheres to the principles of long-term sustainable development, incorporating the company's ESG philosophy. It upholds green and low-carbon environmental protection principles in various aspects, including raw material sourcing, transportation systems, process flows, and production processes, actively practicing Tianqi Lithium's social responsibility.

The project boasts global leadership in factory automation, process standards, emission control indicators, as well as EHS and ESG management levels. The completion of the Anju Project construction will provide strong support for Tianqi Lithium to further expand its market and enhance core competitiveness.

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