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Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia Partners with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra to Nurture Musical Dreams in Kwinana
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Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia Limited (TLEA) has announced the collaborative Crescendo program with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) in Kwinana and the wider Western Australian community. The program is dedicated to cultivating musical heritage in Kwinana.

Through the Crescendo program, TLEA provides free music lessons for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 at North Parmelia Primary School and Medina Primary School. The courses include choir, violin, cello, and more, offering children in Kwinana and the wider Western Australian community additional opportunities and spaces to learn music.

Over the past year, TLEA's support for the Crescendo program has not only developed the musical talents of the children but has also effectively enhanced their happiness and confidence.

Keren Davey, Principal of Medina Primary School, stated, "The Crescendo program has significantly boosted the children's confidence. They are very willing to boldly explore themselves during music lessons. Even when making mistakes in their attempts, their fearless spirit of exploration is still supported by the teachers. Now, this confidence permeates into other subjects."

At the year-end concert in 2023, colleagues from the TLEA team joined Grade 6 students from North Parmelia Primary School in witnessing the enchantment of music together.

The head of TLEA expressed confidence and anticipation for the Crescendo program, affirming their commitment to supporting the West Australian Symphony Orchestra Youth Music Education Program in 2024. They aim to continue fostering outstanding musical talent in Kwinana.

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