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Empowering Global Development with Sustainable Strength | Tianqi Lithium Organizes Training on Sustainable Supply Chain for Board and Senior Management
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On December 21st, Tianqi Lithium ESG capability-building workshop – Sustainable Supply Chain Management Training. Jiang Anqi, Vice Chairwoman of Tianqi Lithium, and Xia Juncheng, Director and President of Tianqi Lithium, along with the company's independent directors, supervisory board, executive team, various functional departments, and bases, participated in the training either on-site or online.

The training featured a special lecture by Sun Lihui, Director of the Development Department of China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and initiator of the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI). Sun focused on the themes of UN business and human rights and responsible supply chain management. Through knowledge sharing and case analysis, Tianqi Lithium's executive team gained a deeper understanding of the policy trends in sustainable supply chains and the importance of respecting human rights in business within the supply chain, enhancing their awareness of responsible mineral supply chain management.

Director Sun emphasized that in the context of globalization, the links in the industry supply chain are interconnected, and corporate managers need to be aware of policy trends and changes in the supply chain, manage risks effectively, and help companies leverage unique advantages in global competition.

Tianqi Lithium places high importance on the quality and safety of the supply chain, proactively mitigates ESG risks in the supply chain, and is committed to building a collaborative development ecosystem with industry stakeholders. The company integrates the concept of sustainable development into supply chain management, making responsible mineral supply chain management a focal point. Tianqi Lithium strengthens trust, collaborates closely, and develops synergies with various supplier partners to create a green, sustainable, and mutually beneficial new energy industry chain.

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