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Reunion in Santiago – Commemorating the "New Energy Talents" Celebration
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Two months ago, twenty students from Chile embarked on a journey from Santiago, crossing half the globe to reach China. Filled with anticipation for the ancient oriental culture, they dedicated a brief but intense month to learning, active communication, and contributing their efforts to bridge the "distance" between China and Chile at the crossroads of the world's energy structural transformation. Supported by Tianqi Lithium, the inaugural "New Energy Talents" has concluded, and after a month's time, everyone reunites in Santiago to celebrate the successful completion of the first edition...

6 December Chilean time, a celebration event for the "New Energy Talents," supported by Tianqi Lithium, took place in the Chilean capital, Santiago. The event was attended by representatives from the Chinese Embassy in Chile, the University of Chile, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the University of Antofagasta, the Future Parliament, the "New Energy Talents" Expert Committee, Tianqi Lithium, as well as students and teachers participating in the Sino-Chile Study Program along with their families.

Speeches were delivered by Mr. Niu Qingbao, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Chile; Mr. Rodrigo Iturriaga, Vice President of the University of Antofagasta; Mr. Guido Girardi, Executive Vice President of the Future Parliament; and Ms. Xiong Wanyu, Senior Vice President of Tianqi Lithium.

A documentary showcasing the study program played during the event, bringing the Chinese experience of the Chilean students vividly to life. Mr. Pablo Galvez, the leader of the study group, and the students shared their experiences and stories in China. They emphasized that the successful conclusion of the first "New Energy Talents" marks not the end of learning but the beginning.

During the cocktail party, discussions revolved around China's mobile payments and high-speed rail. From the initial curiosity to regular use in restaurants and scenic spots, to the abundant gains during the Double Eleven shopping festival, everyone experienced the convenience of China's digital economy firsthand. Similarly, the students continued to express admiration for the speed of China's high-speed trains. Concluding their journey in China, they realized that the sprinting high-speed train was just a glimpse into the rapid development across various industries in China.

"In the ancient city of Xi'an, we wore traditional Chinese Hanfu, transported back to ancient China. Many tourists took photos with us, and I still wonder if we have become famous on Chinese social media," shared student Fernanda about their experience in Xi'an.

The students gained insight into both the ancient and modern aspects of China. Focusing on the entire new energy industry chain, they engaged in mutual learning with experts and scholars in China's top academic institutions in the field of new energy. Simultaneously, they visited relevant enterprises in the new energy value chain, gaining a deep understanding of China's new energy development.

Despite the vast distance between China and Chile, this exchange and learning program spanning thousands of miles has allowed Chilean students to gain knowledge and friendship. These talents are destined to become the backbone of Chile's future and serve as a bridge for the friendly development between China and Chile. They will contribute new wisdom to the collaboration between China and Chile, and even on a global scale, in areas such as the development and cooperation in new energy industries, global responses to climate change, resource development, and environmental protection.


This study abroad program marks Tianqi Lithium's first ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) project in Chile. Encouraged by the success of this activity, we plan to continue organizing the "New Energy Talents" making contributions to the sustainable development of both countries and nurturing talents in the field of new energy.

The "New Energy Talents" has garnered attention from domestic and international media after its conclusion.

Southern Weekend has recognized it as the annual public service communication case.

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