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Highlights of Tianqi Lithium's 5th EHS Advocacy Week
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In the months of November to December each year, Tianqi Lithium adheres to the philosophy of "safer, more environmentally friendly, and more responsible" and conducts a series of activities during the 5th annual EHS Advocacy Week in 2023. The Chengdu headquarters collaborates closely with five production bases both domestically and internationally, launching a variety of themed activities under the motto "Prevention First, Life First" to enhance awareness and skills in EHS for all employees, further strengthening corporate culture.

Chengdu Headquarters:

All employees at the Chengdu headquarters participated in a fire evacuation drill, promptly evacuating to the nearest exit upon hearing the alarm, gathering at emergency assembly points for roll call and formation. 

Following the drill, the company invited the Tianfu New Area Fire Brigade for a review and provided training on the use of fire extinguishers and hydrants for all employees. Joint inspections by the EHS, ESG and Sustainable Development Department, Administration Department, Project Management Department, Operations Management Department, and Property Company were conducted to establish a solid foundation for safety assurance.

Kwinana Base:

Kwinana Base actively responded to the EHS Advocacy Week by participating in local plant cultivation, including Kangaroo Paw, Bottlebrush, Silver Princess, and Eucalyptus trees, aiming to promote greenery in the area. Seizing this opportunity, the team also promoted recycling initiatives, contributing to waste reduction and positively impacting the environment and community. The team engaged in hands-on training with the Emergency Response Team (ERT), observing and learning their rescue techniques in confined spaces, deepening the overall environmental safety awareness and improving the factory's safety management level.

Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Base:

Considering on-site conditions, the Zhangjiagang Base developed a plan for Fire Safety Month, conducting various activities such as training, drills, knowledge competitions, technical competitions, and a fun sports day to train and educate all employees, fostering a favorable fire safety environment for the company's sustained and healthy development.

Sichuan Shehong Base:

Shehong Base organized a quiz with prizes, setting up two promotional activity points within the company where employees could participate in answering questions to win prizes, enhancing their knowledge of fire safety.

Suining Anju Base:

Anju Base organized practical training and competitions, exercising employees' abilities to avoid risks and respond to emergencies, fostering a resilient team productivity and work enthusiasm.

Chongqing Tongliang Base:

The Chongqing Base collaborated on entertaining fire safety activities, hosting events such as air-breathing apparatus wearing competitions, hose bowling, and an EHS knowledge competition, creating a cheerful learning atmosphere.

In the future, Tianqi Lithium will continue to uphold the "Co-creating Lithium Dreams" philosophy, continuously promote the deep development of EHS culture, and create a safer and healthier working environment for employees.

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