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Tianqi Lithium CEO Xia Juncheng Addresses 2023 Green Economy and Sustainable Development Forum Invited by Forbes Chile
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On December 5th, Mr. Xia Juncheng, Director and President of Tianqi Lithium, was invited to participate in the "2023 Green Economy and Sustainable Development Forum" organized by Forbes Chile. Mr. Xia delivered a keynote speech at the event.

During his speech, Mr. Xia introduced the development, overseas expansion, research and development innovation, and achievements in ESG of Tianqi Lithium. He shared the history and current status of Tianqi Lithium's Zhangjiagang factory and received special coverage from the mainstream Chilean media, "Chile 3 O'Clock News." The report stated that President Xia Juncheng, in approximately half an hour, discussed the measures Tianqi Lithium has taken in recent years to achieve sustainable mining. He narrated the story of Tianqi Lithium's acquisition of the Zhangjiagang factory:

"Before our acquisition, the factory had never produced continuously for more than 30 days and had faced environmental penalties. After the acquisition, we also embraced the employees of the original Galaxy Lithium, ensuring their equal treatment with other company employees. Simultaneously, we invested significant funds and technology to improve production processes and environmental facilities, transforming the Zhangjiagang factory into the world's first fully automated and fully productive lithium carbonate plant. For us, acquisition, improvement, and supporting employees are also forms of ESG (environmental, social, governance) that we adopted decades ago."

Forbes is a well-known business and financial news media company headquartered in the United States, renowned for its coverage of business, investment, finance, and celebrities. Forbes Chile is the Chilean branch responsible for reporting and analyzing business, economic, investment, and social affairs in Chile. The forum focused on discussing major environmental issues closely related to the business sector and the progress Chilean companies have made in becoming more equitable, socially responsible, and diverse organizations.

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