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TLEA: Hello! Critical Minerals Conference 2023
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From November 21st to 23rd, Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia Limited (TLEA) was invited to participate in the Critical Minerals Conference 2023, organized by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM).

During this three-day conference, the Critical Minerals Conference 2023 focused on discussing the challenges and opportunities in the mining industry. The central question addressed was how the mining industry could meet the increasing demand for critical minerals in the market. Nearly 700 leaders from the global mineral industry actively engaged in discussions, exploring topics related to mineral extraction and future development.

As part of the conference, TLEA extended a special invitation to the visiting delegation, offering them an in-depth tour of the Kwinana Plant. General Manager Eric Laurent showcased the world's highest-grade lithium mineral resources and outlined their development process. The presentation ignited keen interest among the delegation, paving the way for further exploration in the field of new energy.

At the conference, the TLEA team presented the Kwinana Phase 2 project in Australia, which is currently undergoing active development. Tianqi Lithium remains committed to changing the world with "lithium," actively embracing sustainable development principles and accelerating the high-quality development of the new energy industry.

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