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Talison Lithium Boosts the 134th Bridgetown Agricultural Show: A Vibrant Celebration at the Multicultural Festival
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On November 25th, the 134th Bridgetown Agricultural Show was successfully held, themed as a "Multicultural Celebration." This year's show highlighted the rich and diverse cultural essence of the community. Residents from the Bridgetown Greenbushes community gathered, creating a lively atmosphere. Talison Lithium, a subsidiary under Tianqi Lithium, proudly led the sponsorship of this event, playing a crucial role in its successful organization and promoting active participation from the local community.

Talison is proud to have had the opportunity to sponsor this agricultural show, providing free entry for children under 12. The Talison team actively participated in the exhibition, organizing various engaging activities for local children.


During the event, Talison's marquee was buzzing throughout the day, contributing to the lively atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed the festivities and gained insights into our operations and expansion projects.

Talison colleagues said, "We are delighted to have been part of and to have supported the Bridgetown Agricultural Show, contributing to the success of this wonderful community event. We will continue our commitment to sustainable community initiatives, co-creating a brighter future."

Talison has not only sponsored the Bridgetown Agricultural Show but has also been dedicated to supporting incorporated not-for-profit groups in the Local Government areas around its site or along the transport route for its product for many years. The Talison Community Sponsorships and Donations Program has supported nearly a hundred local projects or activities. Talison firmly believes in the mutual growth of business and community prosperity, actively contributing to the well-being of its operational regions.

Figure 1 | Some Local Projects or Activities Supported by Talison in 2023

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