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The Second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season “Talents for Tianqi, Changing the World with Lithium” Successfully Closed
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On November 8, 2023, the Second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season “Talents for Tianqi, Changing the World with Lithium” was accomplished in full. Themed as “International Brand, Open Platform, Professional Competition,” this event encompasses the second Tianqi Lithium Entrepreneurship Competition, the Technological Ecology Conference, and round-table discussions, among others. It effectively enhances the incubation and implementation of exceptional entrepreneurial projects, while also fueling the sustainable and innovative development of the lithium industry.

     The Technological Ecology Conference invited Dorji, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ma Xin, Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Distinguished Professor and Blue Sky Scholar of the Civil Aviation University of China, Zhang Yalong, Executive Director, Shenzhen Institute of Sustainable Development, Tang Yougen, Professor of Central South University (CSU) and Director of the university's Research Institute of Chemical Power and Materials, Wu Haobin, "Hundred Talents Program" Researcher of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zhuang Quanchao, Professor of School of Materials and Physics and Head of Lithium-ion Battery Research Team, China University of Mining and Technology, Liu Xingquan, Professor of School of Materials and Energy, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Meng Haixing, Senior Researcher of Department of Industry Investment Research, BAIC Group, among others. The guests exchanged their views on the ecology of the lithium industry, with a specific focus on the innovative development of lithium resource industries (such as lithium mines and salt lakes) and the prospect of next-generation battery technologies (such as power batteries and energy storage equipment). Tianqi Lithium Vice Chairman, Jiang Anqi, President, HA Frank Chun Shing, and Executive Vice President, Liu Ying attended the event.

In August this year, Tianqi Lithium announced that it would accept projects for the Entrepreneurship Competition of the Second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season. The competition has upgraded its structure and format compared to last year. Over 100 teams submitted their projects which have undergone two-month rigorous screening. Eventually, 20 projects were selected for the final round and divided into two groups: university and enterprise. These projects encompass a wide range of topics within the lithium industry chain, including the comprehensive utilization of low-carbon resources, battery recycling, lithium extraction from salt lakes, battery materials, and other related technologies.

     During the final defense, the contestants presented their projects, showcasing various aspects such as product application, market demand, and technological innovation. The judging panel engaged with the contestants by asking questions and providing comments on different dimensions of the projects, including innovation, practicality, core technology, and business models.

The Gold Medals in the Entrepreneurship Competition were awarded to the university group's special electrolyte series products for high-energy lithium-ion batteries and the enterprise group's leading technology service provider for lithium extraction from salt lakes.

The announcement of the winners was followed by the Technological Ecology Conference, roundtable discussions, and various other activities.

Silver, Bronze, and Excellence Award Winners

in the Entrepreneurship Competition of the Second Tianqi Lithium Innovation Season are as follows:Silver Awards

The University Group

Development of New High Modulus Glass Fibers

Industrialization Research of High-performance Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate Cathode Materials

The Enterprise Group

Green Energy Fibers - Add Color to Lithium

Gradient Utilization of Siphone Decommissioned Battery and Green Recycling Technology

Bronze Awards

The University Group

Lithium Supplements for Lithium Battery Cathode

R&D and Industrialization of High-performance Ion Separation Membranes and Membrane Devices for Green and High-value Lithium Extraction

The One-step Production of α-lithium Gypsum Hemihydrate with High Whiteness and High Strength, Its Applications and Markets

The Enterprise Group

Solution Provider of Membrane-based Circular Economy Technology

High-Performance Solid-state Electrochemical Thin Film for Lithium-Sodium Batteries

Integration and Demonstration of the System for Direct Regeneration Technology of the Cathode Material Lithium Iron Phosphate

Excellence Awards

The University Group

Pioneering the Future of Lithium Battery Cathode Materials with High-Nickel Ternary Materials

Application of Phosphogypsum and Lithium Gypsum in Papermaking

Lithium-sulfur Battery with All-solid-state Thin-film, A New Miniature Energy Storage Device

R&D and Industrialization of Lithium-ion Batteries with Wide Temperature Range, Long Life and High Safety

The Enterprise Group

R&D Supplier of High-performance Silicon Anode Materials

Industrialization of the Precursor of the Cathode Material, Lithium Iron Phosphate Nanoparticles, Produced in A Continuous Way

Molecular Sieve Adsorbent For Lithium Ions with High Adsorption Capacity

Production Technology of Pure Solid-state Battery Electrolyte

Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, while talents are the flag bearer that leads the society's high-quality development. As a world-leading lithium-based new energy material enterprise, Tianqi Lithium upholds its founding mission "Changing the World with Lithium" and continues to contribute to the sustainable and innovative development of the lithium industry.

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