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Formal Establishment of Safety Production Committee of Tianqi Lithium Corporation.
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To further strengthen the safety production management of Tianqi Lithium Corporation. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianqi Lithium"), clarify relevant responsibilities and implement the requirements of laws and regulations, Tianqi Lithium established its Safety Production Committee and held the first meeting on November 2nd. The founder and Chairman of Tianqi Lithium, Jiang Weiping, Vice Chairman, Jiang Anqi, Chairman and President, HA Frank Chun Shing, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Guo Wei, and other relevant leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Pan Xin, Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Department, focused on the connotation of safety production, EHS responsibilities, work planning and other topics, introducing the risk management and control efforts, and EHS development status as well as management duties of Tianqi Lithium, and interpreting the laws and regulations on safety production in the Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China. At the same time, leaders at the meeting, and heads of plants and relevant departments also discussed and approved EHS core management agendas of Tianqi Lithium Headquarters, including Safety Production Responsibility System and Articles of Association of Safety Production Committee of Tianqi Lithium Corporation Ltd., and 2024 safety objectives and plans.

Guo Wei, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Tianqi Lithium, said that the company should continuously improve the ability to predict and mitigate risks, constantly improve the safety level, strictly perform statutory duties of safety production, and establish and implement the Safety Production Responsibility System to ensure the normal operation of the corporation and keep the business moving forward.

Jiang Anqi, Vice Chairman, stressed that the Safety Production Committee should balance and coordinate the whole process of production and operation. Within the clear and smooth organizational structure and working path, the Committee should ensure the legal compliance of safety production management, implement reward and accountability mechanisms, address major issues in safety production, and promote the in-depth and practical development of safety production management.

HA Frank Chun Shing, Chairman and President, demanded that the Safety Production Committee should guide the company employees to enhance their safety awareness and put it into practice. In the systematic management, they should take the initiative to engage in the safety production scientifically and efficiently, so as to help the company achieve its high-quality and sustainable development goals.

Jiang Weiping, founder and Chairman of Tianqi Lithium, drew a conclusion that the establishment of the Safety Production Committee marked the company reaching a new level and embarking on a new journey in its safety production. Members of the Safety Production Committee are expected to uphold the "people-oriented" development philosophy, continuously improve and upgrade the EHS management system, organizational structure, and management modules, integrated with the idea and direction of the ESG sustainable development, so as to make greater contributions to the company's development goals.

As the highest leadership and decision-making body of Tianqi Lithium safety production, the Safety Production Committee takes the lead responsibility for organizing, coordinating, supervising, inspecting, guiding, evaluating and leading various aspects of safety production management in the company, such as production safety, fire safety, occupational health and labor protection, emergency rescue and environmental protection. The committee is composed of the President, Executive Vice President (Chief Operating Officer), Executive Vice President or Senior Vice President or Vice President of business lines, heads of various bases, directors of major functional departments of joint-stock companies, representatives from trade unions and employees and other relevant personnel. In the future, the Safety Production Committee will guarantee the stable operation of the corporation and promote the sustainable development by performing its duties.

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