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Weng Yuren, Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiagang Municipal Government, led a delegation to investigate Tianqi Lithium Corporation Headquarters
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On August 21st, Weng Yuren, Deputy Mayor of Zhangjiagang Municipal Government in Jiangsu Province, led a delegation to visit Tianqi Lithium Corporation for investigation, warmly received by Executive Vice President Zou Jun and the company team. During the visit, representatives from relevant departments of Zhangjiagang Municipal Government, customs and other port units had in-depth discussions with responsible persons of Tianqi Lithium Corporation on the production and operation, supply chain security, procurement and sales business of Zhangjiagang plant.

At the meeting, Deputy Mayor Weng Yuren extended congratulations and gratitude to Tianqi Lithium Corporation for its business achievements in recent years and its contributions to the economic and social development of Zhangjiagang. She pointed out that as one of the top 100 county-level cities in China, Zhangjiagang is committed to creating a first-class business environment and providing support for the high-quality development of enterprises. As a key enterprise attracting investment in Zhangjiagang, Tianqi Lithium Corporation’s Jiangsu Plant has established a “close and transparent government-enterprise” cooperation relationship with the Zhangjiagang Municipal Government. The municipal government will continue to provide good services for enterprises to help them increase output and expand capacity, thus achieving healthy and sustainable development.

Vice President Zou Jun expressed heartfelt thanks to Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee and Zhangjiagang Municipal Government and various functional departments for their long-term support and concern towards the company’s development. He said that Tianqi Lithium Corporation will grasp development opportunities, and take advantage of Zhangjiagang’s unique geographical location, excellent business environment, and comprehensive supporting facilities to ensure stable production and operation and drive continuous improvement. At the same time, it will actively promote the implementation of production expansion projects and strive to complete the construction and put them into production as soon as possible, thus contributing to the establishment of a county-level pioneering area in Zhangjiagang that embodies Chinese-style modernization.

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