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Build a Tianqi Lithium Dream Through Party Building
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Mr. Ni Hongde, General Manager of Tianqi Lithium (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Weidong, General Manager of Tianqi Lithium (Shehong) Co., Ltd., and more than 20 employees from Chengdu headquarter, Shehong and Jiangsu bases, visited Chongqing Tianqi with the guide of its General Manager Zhao Benchang on June 21, 2019. Members from Jiangsu Tianqi got so interested in Chongqing base’s technological transformation, quality control, corporate culture and practices that they paused from time to time for Mr. Zhao’s detailed explanation and discussion. Members from the three bases shared their experiences with each other, which marked the start of a series of activities under the theme of “Build a Tianqi Lithium dream through party building” organized by the company’s Party Committee .

Later, in the Activity Room for Party Members and Masses of Chongqing Tianqi, participants watched the promotional video of Tianqi Chairman Jiang Weiping, who won the Suining Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award; excellent party members from production bases at home accepted the commendation of the company’s Party Committee and shared their experiences in work, through which they conveyed Tianqi's value of perseverance. Meanwhile, the Proposal of Tianqi Party Member Public Welfare Fund was read out at the meeting, and solatium was distributed to poor party members as a showing of care for them.

In addition, outstanding party members also visited Zhazidong, Baigongguan and Hongyan Village in Chongqing. Old photos and pieces of articles there are awe-inspiring, reminding all party members to stay true to their original aspiration and mission.

Both serving as a party class under the routine Two Studies and One Doing Education and a lecture on corporate culture, this activity promoted the communications among employees in different Tianqi bases, enhanced their cohesion, carried forward Tianqi’s corporate culture, and enhanced employee satisfaction and the sense of belonging as party members. It also paved the way for Tianqi to become a global leader in the new energy materials industry with lithium as its core business.

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