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Tianqi Lithium Has Made into Top 100 Private Enterprises in Sichuan for Four Consecutive Years
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Tianqi Lithium got its name on the 2021 Top 100 Private Enterprises List released by the Sichuan Federation of Commerce and Industry in Chengdu on October 9, 2021. The federation used the total operating incomes of private enterprises as a basic criterion, and took into account other main economic indicators, including total assets, taxes, profits, number of employee and social responsibility fulfilment. The list was created after considerable research and analysis. And the year of 2021 marked the fourth consecutive year for Tianqi to make on the list since the list was first launched in 2018.

Tianqi Lithium was awarded by Sichuan Federation of Commerce and Industry

Since its inception in Suining, Sichuan Province more than twenty years ago, Tianqi Lithium has envolved into a leading new energy materials enterprise with lithium at its core in China and abroad. During these twenty years, it has experienced such stages as corporate restructuring, IPO, capital expansion and aquisitions. Staying true to its original aspiration, Tianqi will continue to uphold its long-term development strategy of "consolidating the upstream, strengthening the mid-stream and penetrating the downstream of its supply chain", and remain committed to developing more diverse clean energy forms for mankind. It will optimize its production capacity structure through practical and effective technical means, promote the long-term sustainable development of lithium-ion battery technology in electric vehicles and energy storage industries in join hands with its global strategic partners. In doing so it strives to become a driver for energy revolution with global impact, and help transform and upgrade the global energy structure.

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