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Tianqi Lithium Announces 2021 Q1 Results
Author:Tianqi Lithium Time:2021-04-28 Source :Tianqi Lithium Font Size:big middle small

Tianqi Lithium announces its 2021Q1 results.

  • ·Total revenue 904 million RMB, net profits attributable to shareholders -248 million RMB
  • ·Total Assets 42.831 billion RMB, +1.89% YOY
  • ·Net cash flow from operating activities 335 million RMB, +2,646.25% YOY
  • ·EBIT 201 million RMB, +44.14%
  • ·Gross profit margin 45.55%


Operation key words

        • ·Production is saturated.
        • ·IGO transactions are proceeding in an orderly manner as planned, and so far there have been no substantial obstacles such as rejection or prohibition.

        • ·Continue to actively promote the reduction of leverage, optimize the company's asset-liability structure, and improve profitability and cash flow.

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