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Nina Dynon, the Deputy Consul-General of Australia in Chengdu, visited Tianqi Lithium
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On May 14, Nina Dynon, the Deputy Consul-General of Australia in Chengdu, led a delegation to visit Tianqi Lithium for an exchange visit. Anqi Jiang, Chairwoman of Tianqi Lithium, warmly welcomed the delegation and engaged in cordial exchanges with them. The delegation also included Helen Dai, Deputy Consul-General and Trade and Investment Commissioner of Australia in Chengdu, James Zhan, Senior Investment Director of the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu, as well as Ha Frank ChunShing, Director and President of Tianqi Lithium.

During the meeting, the delegation led by Deputy Consul-General Nina Dynon gained a profound understanding of Tianqi Lithium's specific situation in lithium resource development layout, product innovation and R&D, as well as collaborative cooperation with upstream and downstream industries. Both sides conducted in-depth discussions on Australia's investment policies, Tianqi Lithium's business development and investment strategies in Australia. Deputy Consul-General Nina Dynon emphasized that Tianqi Lithium's investment in lithium salt plants in Australia has ushered in a new era for the development of the Australian lithium industry, and she hopes that Tianqi Lithium will strengthen its industrial layout in Australia and promote cooperation between the two sides to a new level.

Chairwoman Anqi Jiang expressed his gratitude to the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu for their long-term support and assistance to Tianqi Lithium. He also stated that since Tianqi Lithium's investment in Australia, the company has maintained good cooperative relations with many Australian enterprises and created more job opportunities for the local community. At the same time, Tianqi Lithium actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by supporting cultural, educational, and social welfare projects to integrate into the local community.

As a new energy material company focused on lithium, Tianqi Lithium takes the mission concept of "changing the world with lithium" and actively layout global lithium battery material resources and processing capacity. Given the high degree of economic complementarity between China and Australia, there is tremendous potential for cooperation between the two sides. Tianqi Lithium will continue to deepen its cooperation with Australia in the future, promoting the company to play a greater value and role in the industrial chain.

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