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Science Museum Adventure:Little Scientist in Search of Lithium
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Which is lighter, lithium or water?" "Why is lithium rarely seen in daily life?" "How does lithium stabilize emotions?" On March 29th, the Li Science Museum welcomed its first group of over 60 students who had made reservations, all eager to explore and marvel at the Li Science Museum.

01 The Origin of Lithium and its Encounter with Humanity

As the lights dimmed, the voice of the "Origin" thematic film filled the room, captivating the students with the story of lithium's birth and its encounter with humanity. The film vividly depicted the mysterious origins of the lithium element in the universe and its significant role in human civilization and technological progress, as well as its central position in contemporary global energy transition and environmental protection.

02 Earth Moments—Unlocking the Mysteries of Lithium through 12 Stories

As soon as the students reached the second floor, they surrounded the "Circular Carousel" that introduced the uses of lithium, eagerly selecting their favorite science stories. Through 12 short stories, the students not only learned about lithium's historical applications but also engaged in their own reflections. With hands raised high and questions flowing, they wondered, "Why is the color of burning lithium purple-red?" Besides being intrigued by the flame color of lithium, students were also curious about its medicinal uses and other aspects.Guided by Tianqi volunteers, the students were amazed to discover the wide-ranging applications of lithium, feeling as though they had unlocked the mysteries of lithium.

03 Where Does Lithium Come From? What Does Lithium Look Like?

After learning about lithium's various uses, the students were curious about where lithium comes from and what it looks like, questions that were answered one by one.Students learned about the distribution of lithium resources worldwide through a mountain projection. As the lightest metal element on Earth, lithium exists in various forms in nature. The immersive projection space vividly showcased the global distribution and reserves of lithium, allowing students to "stand" at the world's most important natural resource enrichment sites—mines and salt lakes. Through this virtual experience, students gained a deeper and more interesting understanding of where lithium comes from.They also observed what freshly mined lithium spodumene looks like and learned how lithium spodumene transforms into lithium concentrate through microscopic models.

04 Lithium Classroom—Getting to Know Lithium

Tianqi Lithium has developed the "Lithium Classroom" education theme brand volunteer service based on the STEAM framework, actively supporting the fourth UN Sustainable Development Goal—Quality Education. The curriculum introduces teenagers to the existence, development, recycling, and environmental protection of the "lithium element," aiming to enrich lithium-related science popularization content and promote comprehensive quality education. This "Lithium Classroom" public practice marks Tianqi volunteers' first transition from traditional classroom teaching to immersive learning at the Li Science Museum. In the "Lithium Classroom," Tianqi volunteers and students systematically reviewed the rich knowledge gained from this visit experience, not only revisiting the origin of lithium and its various applications but also learning about the charging and discharging principles of lithium batteries. What made the students particularly happy was the hands-on electromagnetic mini-train experiment they conducted with Tianqi volunteers.

After the visit, the students expressed their love for the Li Science Museum, where they encountered knowledge not covered in their daily classrooms. Through the in-depth interactive experience at the Li Science Museum and "Lithium Classroom," students gained a preliminary understanding of lithium's crucial role in promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, and circular economy, realizing the importance of lithium to the world. They even began to contemplate how to achieve sustainable development globally in the future.

In this event, Tianqi Lithium has carefully crafted study activities using the Li Science Museum and "Lithium Classroom" as platforms, focusing on scientific education, exploring innovative measures, and conveying the significant value of lithium to more people to support community quality education and contribute to social development.

The Li Science Museum is the world's first immersive, comprehensive science museum themed around the lithium element. Since its opening, we have adhered to the philosophy that "questions are more important than answers" and are committed to providing the public with science popularization activities related to lithium, bringing lithium science closer to the public and fostering innovative enthusiasm in society. Through the deep content dissemination of the Li Science Museum, we aim to sow the seeds of science in the hearts of the public, especially dream-filled youth, and give their life ideals the wings of science. For more information and visit reservations, please scan the QR code to make an appointment ↓

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