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Building Corporate Defense Together | Tianqi lithium executives signed a "clean commitment"
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Integrity in employment is the basic professional ethics and foundation of every employee. On February 6th, Tianqi Lithium held a signing ceremony for the executive "Integrity Commitment Letter." Vice Chairwoman Jiang Anqi and Director and President Xia Juncheng of Tianqi Lithium attended the meeting along with all executives. The Supervision and Audit Department read out the relevant contents of Tianqi Lithium's integrity policy and the executive "Integrity Commitment Letter." Subsequently, all executives of the company solemnly signed to show their commitment. Vice Chairwoman Jiang Anqi of Tianqi Lithium delivered an important speech, emphasizing that integrity is the lifeline of the company, and only by adhering to the integrity bottom line can the long-term development of the company be ensured. As the core force of the company, the executive team must lead by example. At the same time, executives also need to play the role of supervision and education, guiding all employees to establish the correct values and enhance the integrity awareness of Tianqi employees.

Director and President Xia Juncheng of Tianqi Lithium spoke on behalf of the executives. He stated that the signing of the integrity commitment letter is not only to promote anti-corruption and integrity work but also to escort the high-quality development of the company. All executives must realize that every action in integrity work is to uphold the company's reputation. Everyone must work together to build Tianqi Lithium into a model representative of integrity and honesty. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen the construction of anti-corruption and integrity, comprehensively enhance the integrity and self-discipline awareness of all employees, and create a corporate culture atmosphere of integrity and self-discipline.

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