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"My Lithium Vision Environmental Season" | Being the "Guardian" of Green Mountains and Clean Waters
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Tianqi Lithium has always adhered to the development principle that economic interests should never override environmental, health, and safety concerns. While ensuring high-quality development, the company consistently practices the green and low-carbon concept. To embody this concept, the "My Lithium Vision Environmental Season" themed volunteer activity was organized, encouraging employees to learn about environmental protection and enhancing their awareness by actively participating in clean-up efforts. This aims to cultivate sustainable lifestyles and consumption habits.

On December 25, the volunteer team of Chongqing Tianqi Lithium collaborated with the Copper Liang District Ecological and Environmental Bureau to conduct a "Mountain Cleanup" activity on Ba Yue Mountain, taking practical actions to fulfill the commitment to Chongqing's ecological civilization.

At the laboratory of the monitoring station of the Copper Liang District Ecological and Environmental Bureau in Chongqing, Zhou Yan, the station director, explained various environmental monitoring devices to Tianqi volunteers. In the meeting room, volunteers learned about environmental protection, including waste sorting. The Copper Liang District Ecological and Environmental Bureau also prepared exquisite canvas bags and environmental knowledge brochures for the volunteers.

Armed with garbage bags, gloves, clamps, and other tools, the volunteers arrived at the picturesque Ba Yue Mountain. Along the winding mountain paths, they picked up litter such as paper scraps, plastic bags, beverage bottles, and cigarette butts along the roadside and in the woods. In the process of purifying the land and protecting the environment, they left no corner untouched, paying special attention to cleaning up debris hidden in grass and mountain streams. After more than two hours of collective effort, everyone's garbage bags were getting fuller, the mountain paths cleaner, and the scenery fresher.

Every step forward is taken to return a green space to nature, and every time they bend down, it is to allow nature to return to its natural state. Over the years, Tianqi Lithium Industry has organized various volunteer activities involving all employees in the areas of environment, community, and education. Up to now, Tianqi volunteers have accumulated a total of 3315.9 service hours and invested volunteer funds totaling 961,500 yuan.

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