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"Li" Leads the Future | Tianqi Lithium Volunteers in Shehong Visit the Community
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Recently, the Tianqi Shehong volunteer team visited the Taikong community, engaging in volunteer services and outreach activities. Through practical actions, they conveyed warmth, actively integrated into the local community, and continuously practiced the concept of "changing the world with lithium" in the operating area's community.

Representing the company, Tianqi Shehong volunteers provided warm winter blankets, abundant rice, and groceries to elderly residents in the Taikong community, allowing them to feel the care and blessings from Tianqi volunteers.

Tianqi volunteers actively participated in leaf sweeping and river cleanup around the community, contributing to creating a clean, tidy, and comfortable living environment for residents. Additionally, Tianqi Lithium employees disseminated environmental knowledge and the company's effective measures in environmental governance to the community residents.

Tianqi Lithium focuses on sustainable development in environmental protection, social responsibility, and governance. The company consistently adheres to the high standards of ESG principles, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Upholding the principle that economic interests should never override environmental, health, and safety considerations, Tianqi Lithium not only pursues high-quality development but also continues to practice a green and low-carbon philosophy, continually enhancing its performance in environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects.

In the future, Tianqi Lithium will deepen its close connections with communities and various sectors of society. Through practical actions, the company will advocate for the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, contributing to the sustainable development of a beautiful environment and social progress.

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