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​Chongqing Tianqi Lithium Recognized with the 2023 Chongqing Municipal Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise Award
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Recently, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, in collaboration with the Municipal Finance Bureau, publicly disclosed the roster of municipal-level technology innovation demonstration enterprises for the year 2023, featuring 39 distinguished companies throughout the city. Among these notable enterprises is Chongqing Tianqi Lithium.

Chongqing Tianqi Lithium is a non-ferrous metal smelting enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of various lithium material products, including battery-grade lithium strips, lithium sheets, lithium granules, lithium sand, along with metallic lithium ingots, lithium alloys, and associated products. As a technology-oriented enterprise dedicated to the research, production, and sales of metallic lithium and lithium alloy new materials, the company boasts formidable technological innovation capabilities. Presently holding 57 patents, comprising 9 invention patents, 44 utility model patents, and 4 design patents, the company's commitment to technological innovation has yielded the successful development of over ten lithium material products.

According to the information available, technology innovation demonstration enterprises refer to large-scale industrial enterprises, software and information technology service enterprises, scientific research and technology service enterprises supporting the development of the service manufacturing industry, as well as high-tech enterprises applying new technologies, new formats, and new methodologies, that demonstrate strong capabilities in technological innovation and exhibit significant innovative achievements with an important demonstration and guiding role. Recognized enterprises will receive specialized support in areas such as funding, projects, and talent cultivation, and will be given priority recommendations for applying for the title of National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise.

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