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TLEA Wins 2023 AMEC Environment Award, Innovative Project Boosts Underground Mining Sustainability
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On December 2nd, the AMEC 2023 Awards, organized by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC), were successfully held in Perth, Western Australia. Tianqi Lithium Energy Australia Pty Ltd (TLEA) received the 'Landline Environment Award' for its innovative project.

The TLEA team conducted a study at the Nova Operation in the Fraser Range, where they partially substituted the company's by-product, lithium depleted β-spodumene (DBS), for cementitious binder in underground mining projects. By applying lithium processing waste as a paste fill material in underground mines, it replaced traditional products emitting high-temperature greenhouse gases. This innovative initiative not only significantly increased the strength of the backfill material, reaching 40%, but also is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 28% compared to traditional cementitious binders.

This research represents not only environmentally friendly technological innovation but also a substantial contribution to the development of a circular economy. The key to this victory lies in the TLEA team's innovative thinking. It became possible due to these forward-looking ideas and the support and testing of new concepts. Additionally, the strategic partnership with the IGO team provided robust support for the project's progress.

TLEA has consistently committed itself to creating and promoting a sustainable circular economy, and this award is a full acknowledgment of the team's relentless efforts. TLEA will continue to exceed expectations and contribute innovation to the decarbonization, carbon neutrality, and clean energy sectors.

The 2023 AMEC Awards cover six key areas, including exploration, environment, diversity and inclusion, contributions to the community, and empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The awards emphasize the importance of managing the environmental impact of mineral exploration and extraction projects, recognizing companies that go beyond the ordinary or are driving innovative methods for better long-term environmental outcomes. Evaluation criteria include relevance to mineral projects, degree of innovation, and potential benefits or importance to the industry.

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