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Tianqi Shehong Base Welcomes MBA Teachers and Students from Sichuan University Business School
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On December 6th, Associate Professor Li Zhi from the Business School of Sichuan University led a group of nearly thirty faculty and students to visit Tianqi Lithium (Shihong)  for research and learning.

Accompanied by relevant personnel from Shihong Base, the faculty and students from Sichuan University toured the exhibition hall and laboratories. They were briefed on the history of the base, its main products, and the technological processes, delving into the production of lithium. In the raw material warehouse, production and operation center, and the automated packaging workshop for lithium carbonate, the faculty and students showed great interest in the production and application of lithium, asking questions and engaging in interactive discussions with on-site guides.

During the symposium, MBA faculty and students, along with representatives from Shihong Base and the company's operations management department, jointly discussed the latest developments in the lithium industry, company operational management models, market response strategies, ESG, sustainable development, and the status of the supply chain. In response to the MBA students' question about how the company maintains market competitiveness, the operations management department and the Shihong management team stated, "Tianqi Lithium possesses unique advantages in resources, costs, technology, and talent. With a comprehensive annual production capacity of 68,800 tons, the company achieves 100% self-sufficiency in lithium concentrate through the Greenbushes Lithium Mine, demonstrating a vertically integrated and synergistic advantage in the industry."

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