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COP28 Live | Tianqi Lithium Launches Net Zero Initiative to the World
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"Realizing net-zero goals requires collaborative efforts across the entire value chain. Therefore, we call for synergistic pollution and carbon reduction along the lithium value chain, aiming for net-zero emissions in corporate operations no later than 2050." At the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Dubai, Tianqi Lithium earnestly appealed to numerous attendees, attracting significant attention.

Image | Tianqi Lithium Unveils the First Carbon White Paper in the Lithium Industry at COP28 United Nations Climate Change Conference

On November 30, the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) officially commenced in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The outcomes of the China-themed side event were presented by Wang Xiaoguang, Director of the Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Promotion Center of the China Federation of Industrial Economics. Mr. Xia Juncheng, Director and President of Tianqi Lithium officially launched the " White Paper on Sustainable Lithium Industry in Achieving Net Zero 2023" and initiated the "Co-create Lithium Dreams, Net Zero Initiative," showcasing China's corporate efforts and responsibilities in achieving dual carbon goals.

The lithium industry's "first carbon white paper" featured at COP28

As a significant member of the global lithium industry, Tianqi Lithium initiated the establishment of a carbon emission database in 2018 and commenced systematic carbon management in 2020. Currently, Tianqi Lithium has established coordination mechanisms both domestically and internationally, completing carbon inventories at the organizational level and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluations at the product level. Mr. Xia Juncheng, Director and President of Tianqi Lithium, stated at COP28 that the industry and global partners are welcomed to actively join the Net Zero Initiative, co-creating a vision for lithium and moving towards a net-zero future!

"Four Transformations" to aid the lithium industry's net-zero emissions

Looking across the entire lithium industry chain, achieving this goal necessitates coordinated efforts in upstream extraction, midstream refining, downstream applications, and end-of-life recycling. Through the "Four Transformations" - diversification of lithium ore sources upstream, greening lithium extraction processes midstream, efficient utilization of downstream resources, and recycling battery materials at the end - collectively realizing net-zero emissions in the lithium industry chain.

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