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Tianqi Lithium Makes Appearance at COP28, Sharing Carbon Emission Reduction Experiences with the World
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(The image is sourced from the official COP28 website)

On the opening day of the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Dubai, UAE, representatives from over 140 countries and regions, including government departments, professional institutions, leading enterprises, and academic institutions, participated in the event. Tianqi Lithium, representing a significant Chinese new energy materials enterprise, was invited to attend the China-themed side event of COP28.

(The image is sourced from the official COP28 website)

The themed side event took place at the "China Pavilion" with the theme "Innovation Leading Development · Assisting Global Governance – China's Policy and Practices for Pollution Reduction, Carbon Reduction, and Coordinated Efficiency Enhancement." It featured speeches by Xia Yingxian, Director-General of the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China, Xiong Meng, Party Secretary, Executive Vice President, and Secretary-General of the Party Committee of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, Xu Qigong, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Li Liping, Director of the Pollution Reduction, Carbon Reduction, and Coordinated Efficiency Enhancement Division of the Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and Paul Michael Wihbey, Visiting Scholar at the George Washington University's Institute for Environmental and Energy Management in Washington, D.C. They delivered keynote speeches at the side event.

Jiang Anqi, Vice Chairwoman of Tianqi Lithium, highlighted that addressing current climate change requires the development of new energy, which has become an essential path to solving global resource crises and climate change issues. Tianqi Lithium has systematically managed carbon at the operational and product levels, following the EU PEF standard's carbon neutrality approach, consisting of accounting, emission reduction, and disclosure. In exploring pollution and carbon reduction pathways, the company has undertaken initiatives such as energy substitution, energy and material conservation, and process innovation.

Tianqi Lithium implemented the "coal-to-gas" project, completely phasing out coal usage and adopting clean, low-carbon hydroelectric power at its Shehong production base. In wastewater treatment, all Tianqi Lithium production bases are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities. Through projects promoting comprehensive wastewater utilization, wastewater reuse technologies, and water-saving equipment, the company continually reduces water resource consumption. In 2022, Tianqi Lithium achieved a water recycling rate of up to 93% and obtained the first sustainable-linked loan bilateral certification in the lithium industry.

For 30 years, Tianqi Lithium has been deeply committed to the industry, adhering to the business philosophy that "economic interests should never override safety and environmental protection." Actively integrating pollution and carbon reduction into its operations, the company collaborates with stakeholders, taking continuous action to contribute to global climate and ecological governance.

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