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Chinese media visit Tianqi in Suining and the Anju project completion ceremony is about to be held
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Recently, multiple authoritative media in China gathered in Sichuan, experiencing the province’s ideas and measures implemented for high-quality development and delving into the thriving momentum of the lithium battery industry in Suining. During this period, Tianqi Lithium (Suining) Co., Ltd. and Tianqi Lithium (Shehong) Co., Ltd. became the focus of media attention of the journalists.

On October 17, 2023, the national economic media arrived in Suining to conduct interviews and research for the event "Star of Chengdu-Chongqing· Capital of Lithium Battery”. Reporters from numerous media inside and outside Sichuan province, including Economic Information Daily, Southern Weekly, Shanxi Economic Daily, and Sichuan Economic Daily, visited high-quality enterprises in Suining and exchanged views with relevant leaders to dig into heartwarming news materials and experience the vibrant pulse of the city.

Interviews and research of the national economic media for the event "Star of Chengdu-Chongqing and Capital of Lithium Battery” in Suining in 2023

Tianqi Lithium Corporation

Leading the lithium industry

Leading strength, Global dominance

As a leading enterprise in the lithium battery industry in Suining, Tianqi Lithium Corporation has become a global leader in new energy materials companies, with lithium at its core. Its business covers key stages of the lithium industry chain, including the extraction of hard-rock type lithium mineral resources, processing and sales of lithium concentrate, and production and sales of lithium chemical products. Its products are diverse, including lithium iron phosphate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride, metallic lithium, and many other products.

After visiting Tianqi Lithium’s Anju Project and the Shehong plant, Gong Guoqiang, the chief editor of Shanxi Economic Daily, said: " The remarkable scale of Tianqi Lithium Corporation, positioned prominently in the supply chain, is truly impressive. With such a company, Suining has full confidence in building itself as the lithium battery capital.”

Huang Wenfu, deputy chairman of China Economic Media Association, said: "The Chinese Lithium Battery Big Data Platform enables Tianqi Lithium Corporation to grasp real-time market trends of lithium products, thus making accurate analysis and scientific decisions. Whether in terms of scale, technology, or products, Tianqi Lithium Corporation is worthy of being the leading enterprise in Suining’s lithium battery industry!”

" The 'High-Quality Development Research Tour', organized by the Central Propaganda Department, took place once more in Suining, Sichuan on October 21st, with a focus on themed interviews. Journalists from People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Economic Daily, Sichuan Daily, and other media visited Tianqi Lithium’s Shehong plant to explore lithium dreams in the region, famously known as the 'land of poetry and wine'."

Photo | Cover story

The Chinese Lithium Battery Big Data Platform (Photo by Su Dingwei)

This marks the introduction of China's first regional-specific lithium battery industry index, intelligently released on a domestic big data platform. Furthermore, it is the first to adopt a dual cycle of "quarterly + annual" releases, demonstrating a commitment to providing timely and frequent updates.

Jiang Hucheng, the deputy general manager of Tianqi Lithium’s Shehong plant, introduced that Shehong's lithium battery industry originated from the state-owned Shehong lithium salt plant, which was established and put into operation in 1995. At that time, there were only three lithium salt production enterprises in China. At that time, new energy vehicles were merely a conceptual idea, and the use of lithium batteries as a prominent new energy material had not yet gained widespread attention. After decades of continuous introduction, cultivation, acquisition, and listing, the lithium battery industry has finally reached a period of reward.

At Tianqi Lithium’s Shehong plant, media reporters turned their cameras toward the Chinese Lithium Battery Big Data Platform, Innovation Lab, exhibition halls, and other application scenarios, aiming to gain a detailed understanding of the development of the lithium industry chain.

It is understood that in recent years, Suining has been committed to developing the entire lithium battery industry as a coordinated effort. It has formed an industrial chain with a complete lifecycle, including lithium resource development, lithium battery materials, lithium-ion batteries, terminal applications, and comprehensive recycling and utilization. As a result, Suining has emerged as the most advanced and concentrated hub in China's lithium battery industry chain. This week, Suining will host the 2023 China (Suining) International Lithium Battery Industry Conference under the theme of “Low-carbon Era and Creating the Future with ‘Lithium’”. On October 26th, the opening ceremony of the "Suining-Ganzi" Enclave Park (Tianqi Green and Low-carbon Industrial Park) and the completion ceremony of the Tianqi Lithium's Anju project will be held.

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