Kindness, Virtue, and Love
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Winter is approaching. Love is spreading. The Tianqi Volunteer Team was established on December 5th, the 33rd International Volunteer Day.

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We believe that volunteer activities are an important way for employees to dedicate themselves to social harmony and progress. By supporting and organizing volunteer programs, we encourage every employee to keep contributing to the society through their expertise and love. The establishment of the Tianqi Volunteer Team is a case in the point.

On the first day, the team held volunteer events, themed "Embrace Love and Change the World with Lithium", and sent their love and best wishes to children in Mao County, Shehong, Zhangjiagang, and Tongliang.

Organize Interesting Lessons

Tianqi volunteers in Shehong brought an interesting playdough lesson to 65 mentally challenged children in the Shehong Special Education School. The volunteers taught them how to make playdough and played finger dance together.

Volunteers and kids are playing playdough together.

Volunteers are teaching kids how to do "LI" with their hands.

A child with Down syndrome kept holding the hand of a volunteer during the event and kept saying, “Big sister, please stay with me!" The volunteer whispered: "I will always hold your hand." The simple sentence tells the love of all volunteers. Just like a water droplet reflecting the sunshine, our hearts are filling the world with love.

Explore the Unknown

The volunteers in Chengdu, Zhangjiagang, and Tongliang visited Hexi Primary School, Heihu Primary School, Deji Primary School, and Xiaolin Primary School and brought a popular science lesson "Interesting Lithium" to more than 340 pupils.

A five-minute video led the children into the world of lithium. They better understood lithium through quizzes, painting, and lithium lantern DIY sessions. The class was so interactive and the children's sparkling eyes revealed their desire for new knowledge and the unknown world.

Send Winter Gifts

The volunteers in the four places gave children winter gifts such as hats and scarves at the end of the activities, hoping that they would feel hope and warmth in the cold winter.

Tianqi Volunteers served as teachers in the activities. It shows that Tianqi Lithium shoulders both corporate and social responsibilities. Thoreau said, "Goodness is the only investment that never fails." While making every effort to become a leading company in the new energy materials industry with lithium as its core, Tianqi Lithium has also sown the seeds of love for the land it loves.

*All photos are for public welfare only and commercial use is prohibited.

Overseas Commitment: While seeking rapid international expansion, we bear in mind our social responsibility in local markets. Being a coporate citizen, we perform our responsibilities through cultural exchange activities, public welfare programs and interaction with local communities.

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