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Tianqi Lithium Announces 2021 Q3 Results
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Tianqi Lithium announces its 2021 Q3 results.

Financial Results for 9M ended September 30, 2021

Total revenue 3.873 billion RMB, +59.58% YOY; which mainly due to the increase in sales and average selling prices of lithium compounds during the reporting period compared with the same period last year.

  • Net profit attributable to shareholders 530 million RMB, +148.02% YOY. The main reasons of increase are:  

  1.    · the increase in the sales volume and average selling prices of lithium compounds. 


  3.    · completion of the IGO transaction. We repaid the syndicated loan of $1.2 billion and its corresponding interest through this transaction.

  4.    · significant increase in our investment income from SQM compared with the same period of the previous year.


  • Gross profit margin 53.28%, +9.10% YOY

  • Profit before interest and taxes 2.303 billion RMB, +146.59% YOY

  • Net cash flow from operating activities 1.38 billion RMB, +107.47% YOY

  • Total assets 42.655 billion RMB, +1.47% YOY

  • Net assets attributable to the parent 13.201 billion yuan, +153.57% YOY

Important Events

   · We started the preparation work of H-share listing.

  •    · We completed the IGO transaction and formed a strategic partnership with IGO to grow a leading global lithium business.

  •    · The commissioning of Kwinana train I is progressing smoothly as planned.

  •    · XTC New Energy Successfully Completed IPO.  

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