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Tianqi Lithium successfully issued its first short-term financing bonds in 2024
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In March 2024, Tianqi Lithium successfully registered RMB 6 billion of open market bonds, and today successfully issued the first issue of RMB 300 million of short-term financing bonds in 2024 at an interest rate of 2.35%, which is significantly lower than the market level, creating two corporate bond issuance records of the highest registered amount and the lowest issuance interest rate. Compared with similar bonds in the market during the same period, the company's issue interest rate is far better than the level of interest rates of other private enterprises, and lower than 94.23% of the interest rate of state-owned enterprise bonds, and at the same time, it achieved a high subscription rate of 4.27 times the full subscription multiples and 2.25 times the marginal multiples, which is a bright recognition in the market.

Since the beginning of this year, Tianqi Lithium continued to pay attention to changes in the bond market, and successfully grasped the "window period" of falling market interest rates. The successful issuance of bonds thanks to the market's prediction of the lithium industry's long boom cycle and recognition of the company, but also thanks to the domestic bond market liquidity and other favourable factors. The successful issuance of the bonds has improved the company's capital structure to a certain extent, and further enhanced the company's influence in the capital market, playing a better financial support for the high-quality development of Tianqi Lithium.

The issuance of Tianqi Lithium's short-term financing bonds received strong support from all participating institutions, including the lead underwriters Industrial Bank and Bank of China, as well as the majority of investors, and attracted a large number of non-bank funds (including top global private equity funds) to participate in the subscription. The issuance fully demonstrated the capital market's high recognition of Tianqi Lithium's industry.

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