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Tianqi Lithium Workers' Union is honored with the title of '2023 Five-rated Trade Union in Chengdu'
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On January 9th, Tianqi Lithium Industry Workers' Union was honored with the title of '2023 Five-Star Workers' Union for Enterprises and Institutions in Chengdu.'

This list, announced by the Chengdu General Workers' Union, industry unions, and grassroots unions, is based on the 'Interim Measures for the Star Rating Evaluation of Workers' Unions in Enterprises and Institutions in Chengdu' and the 'Interim Measures for the Grading Evaluation of Towns (Streets), Industrial Functional Areas (Parks), etc., in Chengdu.' Since 2019, Tianqi Lithium has consistently received the five-star workers' union recognition for four consecutive years.

The Tianqi union has weathered challenges side by side with the company, embodying the essence of unity and collaboration. Recognized as the 'driving force' to enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the enterprise, the workers' union serves as a 'lubricant' for communication between employees and the company. It also acts as a crucial 'bridge' and 'link' to create extensive development opportunities. Since its establishment, the Tianqi Lithium Workers' Union Committee has been actively involved in significant tasks such as mobilizing employee strength, promoting enterprise production, assisting workers in need, and enriching the cultural life of employees.

The Tianqi Lithium Workers' Union is committed to continuing to listen to the voices of employees, creating diverse channels for enterprise-employee interactions. This effort aims to construct harmonious labor relations, thereby contributing to the realization of a 'win-win-win' situation for the company, the workers' union, and the employees."

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